About Shree Tapovan

Shree Tapovan is a professionally managed Institute with its presence in two states of India: Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Shree Tapovan is providing training, Materials And Franchise for foreign countries. In India, Shree Tapovan is providing training in Vedic Math , Mid Brain Activation Programs For Child And Adults , DMIT, Psychometric test, Memory Boosting, Handwriting improvement, Quantum Speed Reading, and other courses.

Shree Tapovan Provides quality training to teachers, coaching institutes, schools or professional to boost vedic practices and to awake mid brain activities. Shree Tapovan designed Courses for students in the age group of 5 to 15 years, working professionals and Adults.

With a short span of time, Shree Tapovan has grown tremendously by opening new centres. Our centres are functioning very successfully surpassing other similar organizations because of its advanced syllabus and personal coaching. Parents of children in the centres of Shree Tapovan “are astonished to experience” the amazing performance of their children in a regular curriculum and day to day activities.

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